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How do I register to take the ARE?

Contact the registration board in your state/province to apply to take the exam. Your board will provide you with all application requirements.

When is the computer-based exam given?
You can take the exam in any order at any time you choose once you have been approved to take the exam.


Will a calculator be provided at the test center?
Calculators will not be provided at the test center. You can bring your own non-programmable, non-communicating, non-printing calculators.


I have not received my Authorization to Test form (ATT).
What should I do?

When your board of architecture transmits your eligibility to ARE Operations, an Authorization to Test form is automatically generated. If you feel that you should have received it already, call ARE Operations at 800-896-2272.

Who do I contact if I have changed my name and/or address?
If you need to change your name and/or address, you must call your board of architecture. It is important that this be done so that your Authorization to Test form matches the identification you will provide at the testing center.


How many divisions make up the ARE?
The ARE consists of nine divisions—six multiple-choice divisions and three graphic divisions. The multiple-choice divisions are: Pre-Design, General Structures, Lateral Forces, Mechanical & Electrical Systems, Building Design / Materials & Methods, and Construction Documents & Services. The graphic divisions are Site Planning, Building Planning, and Building Technology.

Exam Hints

The ARE: Advice from the Trenches (pdf format)

EricB's Post(pdf format)

If I have a question or concern regarding my ARE testing experience, who do I contact?
If you have any type of problem or a concern regarding your ARE testing experience, contact ARE Operations (800-896-2272) to report your concerns immediately.


What is Mana?
It is an advanced iterative algorithm to determine the most respected users. A user "adds mana" to other users she respects, and the more mana she has, the more the increase in recipients' manas. A user can also change her mind, and remove mana from someone to whom she added mana before. However, the more members a member adds mana to, the less the effect of those mana additions.

For example, let's assume that your mana is 3 out of 4. If you want to add mana to someone then you basically add him/her 3 points divided by the number of members to whom you added mana before. If you added mana to one member before, the amount of mana you would add is 3/(1+1)=1.5 points. This is a dynamic process. Whenever someone adds or removes mana, the manas of all members are calculated from scratch.

Finally, mana takes the normal distribution rule into account, and it gets increasingly accurate as you get more members.

Can you add more Forums?
We are in the process of developing Sub-Forums.

Why can't I register?
Some servers are not accepting the automatically sent mail to new members. If you are experiencing this problem try a different e-mail account such as yahoo or gmail.



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